Spotify Music App Gets Best Reviews For Their New Features – Learn Why?

Spotify is basically a music and a streaming video service and app which was launched on  October 7 in the year 2008. It has been developed as well as owned by the Spotify Technology SA at the Stockholm in Sweden.

Also, it has many features and provides the content of DRM-protected from various record labels as well as media companies. It has many advanced features like it is free with ads, improved sound quality, music downloads also it is freemium service. Spotify is now streaming high in most of Australia, Europe,  America, New Zealand, and some places of Asia.

Spotify app

This app is applicable in Windows, Linux computers, and Mac OS, and also in iOS, Android smartphones and Windows Phone as well as tablets.

You can browse music in various aspects like by artist, genre, album, playlist, and record label. It allows the users to create, share and edit their own playlists and tracks on social media, and couple up with other users. Spotify is accessible to more than 30 million songs.

Spotify Key Features

  •  Improved sound quality- Spotify music app reviews state that both the downloaded or streaming songs have higher quality sound.
  • Search for a particular song within a playlist or filter- If you drag down on a playlist or artist, you can hunt for your particular songs, place filters or even order songs in various other ways. Then arrange it by Artist or Song Title.
  • Get back a playlist you deleted- Imagine if you accidentally deleted one of your playlists that you had spent so long piling up! With this feature, you have hope and can get the playlist back!
  • Go to An Artist Radio and find similar tunes- The Radio feature on Spotify creates a playlist with matching artists or songs. The feature now is upgraded and comes automatically when you are listening to any playlist, artist or album is finished.
  • Turn on private listening mode- Users who do not have a Premium package, you’ll have to set up your private listening mode every once in a while for a safer side.
  • Discover Weekly- This is the best one. Within every week, Spotify piles up a playlist with the songs that you might be interested in.

Spotify download

  • Affordability – With this music app, you can listen to music from anywhere with a free premium plan.
  • Personability – Spotify has created a more personalized user experience by permitting you to listen to the classic, new music or listen to a playlist that is similar to your mood!
  • Shareability – You can even share your favorite song with your friends via Facebook. You just need to sign up with Facebook.
  • Switchability – All the songs that offered by Spotify can be imported from both iTunes and Windows Media Player in order for a clear transition.


  • Exclusivity – Spotify does not create any sort of exclusive deals amongst various artists and due to this, number of music is not accessible for a small number of weeks after launching the particular song is launch.
  • Notability – Many musicians who were a part of this platform claimed that Spotify does not pay enough to the artists for access to their music.


Spotify apk

 It is the best music app with a free download. With all the upgraded service provided, you can make your own playlist according to your mood and get access to your favorite genre of music. So hurry and download this app to listen the best of music.