Stream Your New Music Collections With Slacker Radio | Best Reviews

Slacker radio is one of the streaming apps available in US and Canada. Listeners can view its best reviews on the web and through the mobile app in their Smartphone. Slacker Radio, the best music app gives you free access to curate music programming.

slacker radio app

This app gets the best reviews that you won’t find in any app simply. Slacker provides an offline mode that gives subscribers a dynamic personalization when listening data-free.

Slacker radio Key Features

  • Slacker radio is one of the websites that provides you with free online music for the listeners.
  • All the best music is customized for the listeners in this app.
  • S
  • helps to discover new music and personalized recommendations.
  • Existing stations can be found in the recommendations.
  • New stations and specials, sections and selections that are quickly added to your favorites.
  • While listening to a song it is easy to share that station or song with others and add that artist to a new custom station.
  • You can quickly access a particular station hence presets can be built.
  • You can also view other stations, song, artist, albums and particular song while listening to a song.
  • There is an option of viewing the previous history of songs played by you.
  • The additional contents can be turned on or off while listening to songs.
  • It also has the option of like or dislikes a particular song so the slacker radio understands the taste of your music sense.
  • Slacker radio can be shared through facebook, twitter, and other social media easily.


slacker radio download

  • Slacker radio app is very easy to use and has handy features.
  • The website is impeded by too many objects or details and very simple to navigate.
  • It provides music which is completely free to listen and download hence data free.
  • Advance features are available if you just make a certain amount of payment.


  • This slacker radio app is supported by audio commercials and certain picture adds.
  • This also limits the number of songs you can skip over so listeners feel irritated.
  • The advanced features are available only when you upgrade your music app.


Slacker radio is available on certain links for free on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Amazon, and in all kinds of Smartphone like windows phone, Nokia, Blackberry, as well as a web browser and various internet-connected vehicles.

slacker radio app

Slacker radio is only available if paid for a membership when you would like to try certain features to access. The app is acceptable compared to other music apps hence its music is free and you can also upgrade it to a premium or plus membership in order to remove picture adds and other audio commercial adds.

So when compared to other music apps Slacker radio register the best reviews from the users as the best free online music app to listen to their favorite music list.