Enjoy Hearing Music With Amazing Shazam Music App

Do you want to know the best app for hearing music? Well, the Shazam will the best choice for you as it is the favorite for many music lovers. It is available for free and also helps you to discover some new songs.

This amazing app will work by telling the name as well as the artists of the track that you hear. You can hear music with this app anywhere whether it may be a movie, commercial and radio as well.

Shazam app

Apart from finding & documenting the songs that you have come across, it also allows you to view the music related to it and to get links to read lyrics along with it, purchase the song and to listen to them in some other music apps and more.

You can run this app on various devices like Android, iPad, iPad touch, Windows 8 tablet, Windows, Blackberry and iPhone as well. You can also download it for free on Windows and Mac computer.

Shazam Key Features

  •  You can tag music in this app automatically and manually. You can tap the button to tag manually and use the option ‘Auto’ to make it automatically which will work even when the device is locked or switched to another app.
  • Shazam can also be set up so when it is in Auto mode to send notification which will help you to know its working as well as tagging.
  • It also displays the lyrics in real time.
  • You can also replay the particular portion of the song even after tagging and you can also play through your tags and it also allows playing all the tags continuously.

Shazam download

  • The tagged songs of Shazam will also show the time of tagging and it tells you about where you have been while tagging it.
  • It also provides a link to Youtube video for the song you have tagged to allow you to easily listen to the entire song.
  • You can also find recommended tracks alongside which will be useful for you to get similar music as well as artists.
  • It will also provide a full biography of each artist.
  • You can also view the discography of a particular artist and you can add any songs of them in your tag list.
  • It allows you to share your tagged music via Facebook, email, Twitter as well as other apps.


Shazam apk

  • It is very easy to use.
  • It helps you in discovering new kind of music.
  • It works well with the popular devices too.
  • It also allows you to view the song lyrics while listening to it.
  • It shows accurate results while finding music.
  • It also maintains a history of all your tags.


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This app will be very beneficial while watching a movie, driving, shopping or in commercial as you can easily click the button to find your song.

Also allows you to discover a lot of music from various sources. It will be very useful to catch songs even if you don’t have words.

The auto feature provided in this car will be helpful while driving a car or watching a movie. It will work even when you have switched to other app and will play until you turn off.