Pandora – Large Number Of Positive Reviews For The Best Music Provider

Powered and Developed by the Music Genome Project®. Pandora will give you a personalized radio experience that will play what you love to listen and will constantly evolve with your taste in music.

You can start the search with an artist name, song, genre, or any comedian, and make your own station. And now, you can just relax and listen.

Pandora music

One can browse through a number of songs that are piled up according to the genre stations to find the perfect match for your mood.

Take it to every place you go because Pandora is now available on mobile devices, desktop, home devices and TVs, as well as in a car. So, create your account and sign up and enjoy your favorite albums and artists 24/7.

Pandora Key Features

  •  According to Pandora their Premium plan on the web has been the number one feature selected by their users. They can start using the new features on the service’s website as soon as they sign it up.
  • The beautifully immersive streaming service offers a large format within Premium features that includes Search and Play, offering customized search based on your listening history, and My Music, which helps you in the easy collection of songs and catalog your favorite albums and artists.
  • With the personalized internet radio service, it’s not rocket science that Pandora’s smart playlist features are now pretty, well and smart.

You can create your new own playlist with 1 or 2 favorite songs, by tapping the button “Add Similar Songs” and in no time you will have your playlist with a whole lot of similar music or some new songs which could become your favorites later on.

Pandora radio

  • You can get 60 days free for Pandora Premium. You just need to sign up for Premium through the Pandora website. Signing or upgrading the mobile app will only give you 30 days of Pandora Premium for free.


  • Affordability – Pandora’s premium version also known as Pandora Plus, comes around only $4.99/month. It features various offers like offline mode, higher quality streaming, zero ads, replays and unlimited skips. Isn’t it amazing?!
  • Usability – You can find more about the artist and can get the lyrics of the songs you are playing and also discover new ones that are matched.
  • Personability – The more you give a Thumbs up on the song you like more personalized the station gets. It will also provide you with various suggestions on the song of your interest.
  • Sociability – Get Free to be social and connect with your friends’ radio stations by sending songs via Facebook as well as on Twitter.
  • Local Concert Dates – Pandora also updates you on various concerts like when your favorite artist is coming to town which is also available for the free version.


  • Personability – This app lacks the option to download the songs and add them to the personalized playlist.
  • Usability – You cannot simply decide to listen to the entire album of your favorite artists since you are restricted to a particular playlist regarding the song or the artist you have chosen.
  • Availability – Limited songs are available and so new music is a rare option for all, except artists similar to Taylor Swift, who has removed her own music from other apps like Spotify, but chose to keep in Pandora.


Pandora app

Pandora will change the angle of discovering and listening to various kinds of music. Let this amazing app help you to ease out some time from your daily life to listen to your favorite kind of song. Let it be romantic, pop up, jazz or slow.