Listen to The Latest Spooky and Fun Collections of Music in Gaana

Gaana offers you to listen and download free unlimited MP3 songs online like Bollywood music and Regional music. Gaana is a commercial streaming music app launched in April 2010 in India by Times internet which provides both Indian and international music content.

With our plethora of collection, you can listen to new streaming songs to old classic songs, Hindi songs, Bollywood songs, trending songs, English songs and more on Gaana+ to play offline.

gaana app

Gaana is one of India’s favorite music apps that help to listen and watch all kinds of music videos from the top artist menu.

Key Features

  • The company is working on a deal with record label T-series and currently added to T-series songs catalog to its futures.
  • By preloading, next song the Gaana music app service also provides a gapless next song.
  • Gaana is one stop solution for all your music needs which provides unlimited access to all your favorite songs.
  • Gaana provides Indian music catalog available to users worldwide.
  • Gaana provides music in 21 languages including the major language such as Tamil, Assamese, Telugu, Hindi, etc, and other Indian regional languages.
  • In 2013 Gaana has formed a partnership with South Indian Music company association to acquire rights to music from 79 different labels.
  • has the access to more than 25 million songs for their users.
  • allows their users to make their playlist public so that it can be seen by other users.
  • music app provides both Indian and international content for their listeners.
  • helps to create, share and listen to streaming music playlist for free.


Gaana download

  • Good looking UI and available on all platforms.
  • Playlist download queue can quickly access the song you need for your downloaded songs.
  • It has a vibrant interface and provides preloading next song without any gap.
  • Unlike others, you can hear a short pause between 2 songs and you have the option of turning off the settings when you leave the app.
  • Gaana provides a largely happy listener with its Gaana’s library by providing all variant of songs.
  • It also added the T-series songs which bring its library of Hindi songs with competitors under par.
  • It includes fresh and constant uploads.
  • Without having your own account you can easily listen to tracks.


  • Some songs are only available via the website and not through the mobile app.
  • You have to go to the playlists tab in downloads and find the downloaded songs you want.
  • Switching between different songs from the Downloads can be annoying, and it doesn’t make any sense while listening.
  • App spasm notifications and Buggy playlist system.


Gaana apk

This music app really offers you a lot to enjoy. The streaming service offers a large format of Premium features that includes Search and Play and the screen contains very few buttons but very easy to access in this app.

You can find music of different genre and you can enjoy the tracks without any frustrations.