Admire The Excellent Features Of Soundcloud While Hearing Music

If you are looking for the best streaming service then it will definitely end on Soundcloud which offer excellent as well as latest services. It is also an excellent music streaming site which is familiar with all the new as well as upcoming artists.

Its new feature named ‘Stations’ has been recently added to the mobile app to allow the users to create a radio station to use any track on their unique platform.

Soundcloud music

It also offers excellent features which are discussed in this session.

It allows the user across the globe to upload their songs which can be listened to free of cost. The site of this app is absolutely free from the commercial interruptions and you can easily listen to the music and find many new tracks.

Key Features

  •  It allows you to find new music via different genres like Disco, Ambient, Alternative Rock, Indie, Dubstep, World, Dancehall, Country, Metal, Classical, Trance, Deep House and more.
  • This app allows you to find music using Charts page so that you can find out the top fifty songs which are new as well as hot.
  • The country filter of the app allows you to pick the music which is uploaded by the people in various countries like US, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, etc.
  • While searching for your favorite tracks, it also offers filter option which allows you to filter with the uploaded time, license and length like the ones you can commercially use or like the ones you can easily share.
  • You can also build the custom playlist.

Soundcloud music radio

  • The songs that you have liked will be collected together to allow you to hear as well as to access again.
  • This app also allows you to view the number of times the song liked as well as played. You can view these details at the bottom of each post on the site.
  • It also allows you to follow the other user so as to get updated information about their upload.
  • It also has a repeat button which helps you to play the track again and again.
  • The Soundcloud’s desktop version recommends the users of the app to follow regarding the listening activity and also allows you to connect to your Facebook account so as to follow your friends on Soundcloud.
  • The users are also allowed to leave comments via the website.
  • You can also share the track you are listening to others via email as well as social media.
  • You can also make use of keyboard shortcuts to control the playback option.


  • It offers plenty of contents.
  • It includes fresh and constant uploads.
  • It doesn’t include ads during songs.
  • It offers excellent scrubbing support.
  • Without having your own account you can easily listen to tracks.
  • It is easy to use as it includes minimalist design.
  • You can also use your account on multiple devices in an instant.
  • You can upload your own tracks too.
  • It also includes podcasts.


  • You can’t able to find same sings in other streaming services.


Soundcloud music app

This music app really offers you a lot to enjoy. The screen contains very few buttons but finding music is very easy in this app. You can find music of different genre which is very easy to access the drop-down menu. Since it is free from the ads, you can enjoy the tracks without any frustrations.