Stay Tuned For the Excellent Features of Google Play Music

Are you an eventual music lover? Here you go with the best streaming service Google Play Music apps that allow you to stream up more than 50,000 of their own songs that come on millions of electronic devices for free.

It is compatible across most platforms. There is no doubt that it is one among the useful Android scene that provides with many benefits to paid as well as free users.

Google Play Music app

The paid users can stream up to 40 million songs from their streaming library and this app is worthy to know and use your gadgets.

The free users are allowed to listen to the curated station, yet the app has got clunky in the recent years and still undoubtedly one of the most commonly used on the Android scene. So, is Google Play Music worth trying?

Key Features

With the available Google play music subscription, subscribers from India can listen to their favorite music across a variety of languages and can be accessed from any device with your Google Account logged in.

Google Play Music free music

  • It is an excellent service provides with the ability to stream, purchase and upload music from its online library. Formats are limited to Ogg, ALAC, FLAC, WMA, AAC, and mp3.
  • By using Google play music on your device, it allows you to set quality for audio to low, medium, high. It automatically changes audio quality based on a current connection using wifi or data.
  • You can listen even without internet connection using offline playback option. It doesn’t limit for offline playback download and helps to listen while stuck in a tunnel and to save the day with no fear, hearing Google play music.
  • It is doing the best to catch up with some improvement. Storing all app under a roof and splitting up into two categories and the selection grows every day.
  • Family plans are awful as it helps to reduce the monthly expense. Services are offered at a wide range, as you can get six accounts for $15 per month, each $2.50 -per month per account. Can connect up to 10 devices includes 5 smartphones with the combination of tablets, laptop, and other gadgets. Can share purchased items using the Family Library.
  • YouTube red is included with no ads viewing videos by viewing the original content.


  • Best streaming service with the great content as it contains 35 million songs. Upload with 50,000 songs and add up to the library.
  • It offers a 2-month free trial, along with individual and family membership plans.
  • Enjoy ad-free listening, radio for different situations by accessing to 35 million songs on demand, with the skip option.
  • As a paid member, get free access to YouTube Red. If you opt to pay for Youtube red, then you get free Google Play Music.
  • User-friendly with cool design and intuitive interface.


  • Lacking with the lyric features even though it has many advantages.
  • A credit card is required. Yet saves money, but it’s sorer to try something out from a consumer perspective.
  • No App Ecosystem and unsupported ios system.


Google Play Music download

This became a full-fledged Google service with the true experience of music lovers. By having the All Access pass makes you get experienced even better.

This app really makes you feel better and finding music is very easy.